Chapter 72



In the beginning G-d created this certain man.

He set him afloat upon the earth.

As a child, G-d watched him.

The child reached out to G-d from within his being.

Him feeling a rip and pull to G-d’s door.

The child did not understand why G-d did not answer his calling.

The child grew, and became a man.

This time G-d decided to move His intents and stir the man.

The man heard the Call and tried to Stand and reach for G-d.

But he was too fragile to Stand. He fell over and shook of frail weakness.

But G-d would not be denied, so He Summoned the man.

This certain man again tried to Rise. He poured his soul into it and once again tried to Stand.

Again he fell, unable to Stand up and reach, the Call of G-d his creator. 

It seemed the man just did not have the needed strength, no-where near, to make the Stand near enough, to reach the Call of G-d.

But G-d would not be denied. And this time G-d Reached down to the man. And Empowered the man of Spirit, Commanding him to Rise.

The man was Pulled, and together they began to Stand. He this time came near to G-d, coming again up short, and falling, crashing to earth. 

At this the Angels watching began to weep. And so they began to pray on behalf of the man, and supplicate their Choir unto G-d.

And then it happened. For G-d could take no more. He impaled Himself inside the very man, and embodying him Stood and Rose, Lifting the man from within. The man shot up, through and passed Standing, flung up ascending high, flying up soaring`high into the-and beyond the realms of man, up beyond the realms of the Angels, and into the Realm of G-d unto His Chest, in a Glorious moment of Love and Embrace. The man gasped and choked, overwhelmed beyond any man’s existence, and into a Joy found not in a man, but instead in G-d Alone.

The tears pierced his being and G-d pierced his heart, and Broke it while Enlarging it, and Showing him that He had Given him a Piece of H-s, G-d’s own Heart.

Then Set him, the certain man, back down, Standing on his feet on earth. G-d Saying, “Rise and Walk man, as I your G-d, have now Shown you.”

And then G-d Returned, to the Place, of their beginnings.

And the man realized that it was very G-d, who first instilled in him, this man, his first feeling and pull, to reach to G-d as a child, and in his formation.

And now the man once again, is frail and a man. He makes the occasional glorious Stand, while learning to Walk.

And thus G-d Is teaching this certain man, to Walk.

Yet-more, there is Love.





            and he this man says, “take this unto your selves.” [1]









[1] Puccini: Turandot – Nessun Dorma. – Sung by Luciano Pavarotti


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