Chapter 64


      There is a legendary place called Shambha-La. Otherwise known as Shangri-La to Westerners. It tales of a hidden valley beyond a mountain-pass, like a heaven on earth, whose inhabitants practice the high perfections of mankind’s best and highest qualities.  

      There is a place within all of us. Our Shambha-La. Where peace reigns. Tranquility thrives. Love abounds. Justice prevails. Kindness and, the good and right, sit in rulership. There is no more struggle to fight the dark shadows of the devils inside of us of fear and doubt. They have been overcome.

      Tales of this super-culture have rung down to us throughout history. We have heard of the Tibetan ways, where the technologies of the mind and the precepts which were enthroned to us by G-d prevail.

      Even we, have witnessed this truth. We have seen the reality of their ways. They live in the high mountain Himalayas. Recently even ousted as a culture by dark forces. Yet many have escaped into our lands and midst. Their truths and wisdoms are even now spreading through our land.

      To watch the news on poor shackled-earth is the lie of man incarnate, and not any one which I will take up into. Meaning; it does not have to be this way.

      Instead we can inhabit Shambha-La. Even inside our own body temple. And this is where it begins. First we build it within our selves, then it materializes outwardly onto the earth, and into physical reality, by G-d’s technologies.

      While the storms rage around us, and everywhere we look, there is great doubt, yet we trust in our knowledge that G-d is the Hand which guides the universe. There is no failure, lest we ‘make it so’. And we will never do so. Never joining in on destruction, instead of ~ creation.

      Even in these dark times, there is light. And enough to prevail. But we must rally and take up on that side now. Not continuing the insanity of the age’s long march of cruelty and despair.

      We must make Shangri-La. Create it in our hearts, and then in the world, by each and every choice which we make.

      Doing the right things and standing up for them at cost, even all cost.

      Did not our forefathers do so, in the inception of our lands. Would they not today do the very same.

      Do not believe the lie of the corrupt; ‘that we can do nothing about all of this’.

      We need leadership. And so each of us must ‘take the lead’ even in our own choices.

      We have had the power all along.

      For are we not in Shangri-La? Is it not in every room which we walk in to? Is not G-d with us, in us, and all around pervading the universe and moving as a clear Himalayan white cloud, hung in the deep blue sky, surrounding us in love wherever we walk? Is that not Shangri-La? Is it not heaven on earth because He is here and with us, each step, and heart beat, and breath, and thought, and feeling?

      You can enter Shambha-La today by practicing the great technologies and precepts of heaven on earth, as G-d has spread these golden bountiful things across His never-ending table before you. We only step through the door of this gate and into living inside of G-d’s perfecting peace and good ways.

      The reason we all have a feeling about this, ‘as if we know it’, and have seen and felt this, is because each of us has. These are descriptions of a here physically ‘reflected’ world, of which we all have inhabited, and witnessed. It is called heaven, the spirit realm, the astral plane, from whence we came, and shall return, and is our natural home. Each of us has a body memory of this in our souls.

      Be sane and clear, and choose the higher ways. Let each room you enter be Shambha-La. Because you entered it.

      For upon you entering it ~ it is.

     Every day the porters come, to take those who will choose to go to this high land.

      ~ Every day ~

      You are’ Shangri-La my dear, you are’ heaven on earth. And you can’ make it so.







            Explain to me what you mean by, “you are’ heaven on earth.”

            Your soul, inhabited heaven before you were born. Your soul will inhabit heaven again upon your life’s end. Your soul’s natural state-of-reside is in this heavenly spiritual dimension. You have absorbed heaven’s ways-of G-d, and bring them, reflecting-inside your soul, to any place that you travel. Your soul is ‘a piece of heaven’ in its nature. Therefore, when you are here alive on earth, you are a piece of heaven ~ on earth. Not metaphorically, but actually in reality your soul is – a piece of heaven alive on earth.

            You are’ heaven on earth.










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