Chapter 45


     Victory. It lies in the person that you are. You can simply be, beautiful. This is in the being of who you are. The sweetness of your soul. The charm and grace of your spirit. The quality of love which is in you. In your knowing. 

      Life is a challenging experience to be sure. One test will be, that it shall have many harsh moments. Filled by the others around you, swirled by their negative emotions. 

      Yet; we have existed in the vast darkness of space, in those realms from which we originate, our souls have remembered that vast blackness. And in that space we have seen, that the true nature of our soul’s light, the light of other souls, and G-d’s light, ‘shines from their place’. And it is so distinctly beautiful and bright, while surrounded by all the vast black dark efflugence, in which it lights. Light’s very nature, will replace darkness, wherever it shall go.

      So the opportunity to shine brightly, of this our inner soul’s light, and our soul’s unveiled true nature and beauty, in any earthly darkness, only serves to magnify the great identity in our light, as it shines and transforms any of the world’s dark places.

      “There is not enough darkness in all the world to put out the light of even one small candle”[1]

      There is victory in being a burning flame of your soul’s pure sweet unveiled light. 

      You go on shining while the raging storms surround you.

      Others have tested the will of this spirit in you. They would have your light go out. For the sleeping world often wishes to continue sleeping in the dark. Inhabiting their dark hidden caves of residence.

      And your emitting light, will ‘shine on them’, and may unearth any of their ugly choices, which they may have made born from darkness, thus marring their creator’s original intended beauty for them. 

      Your lit and shining well-stoked flame, will show them that their fire has been left unattended, left to die out and shrink into the darkness.

      They will fight hard to not have your light emit light on their darkness. For it will want to be left in the dark to lie miserably in a ‘leave me alone’ state.

      But the nature of light is contagious. And you will surely light some inner candles of those around you. This is only of course if you bring light. If you are light. If you are the victory.

      Fire’s nature spreads ~ offer them your fire to set them once again ablaze. 

      Jesus said, ‘Be a light unto the world.’ So then, be sure that you are a light unto yourself first. Bathe in the simple beauty of your self.

      Smile and know victory.

      There is a personal victory, and hopefully a ‘do some good’ victory, in – the fulfilling of the book. 

      There is victory, in the personal transformations which we accomplish each, by practicing the higher ways.

       There is victory, in the gaining ground on, and in ‘being’, that superstar of person, with no limit of goodness, which we can be, and – as we do so.

      There are innumerable victories within life, within our beings, within our souls, and within the universe.

            Everyone talks about – learning from our mistakes, but not many profess ~ learning from success. It serves ‘living inside the feeling of victory’ well, to do this. If we tabulate each success as we go, and imprint this in our; minds, hearts, feelings, and being – then we begin to compile ~ the recipe for success and victory.

      Thus we create a Mountain of Victory.

      Victory is an interwoven golden thread, inside the very fabric of our universe.


      So make a Glorious sound!




A soul was yearning… in the float of eternal spirit space.

Waiting for his turn to live and breathe.

A thousand years. 

And he thought all the while, ‘What things he will do!’

He will shine like the sun.

His will be a victorious glory!

No man shall live more Triumphantly than he.

He will stand up for right and make a glorious sound.

He will beam himself in righteousness from his chest and radiate his true soul’s nature lighting the whole world!

He is biting at the bit to arrive!

And so he has a talk with G-D The Creator of Heaven and Earth.

They were discussing this coming life, and what he this man will do. 

This soul tells G-d, all the things of his great desire, and how he will righteously Stir the world.

G-d sends him on his way wafted like a comet to the earth. 

His moment is arrived and now he is woken’’ to his deeper remembered living mission.

And it is now time to overturn the world with LOVE.

      And so remember…

      “This man was you!”

      “This woman is you!”

      “This soul is you!”           

      Remember and… ~ “Make a Victorious sound!”





                    “Old pirates, yes, they rob I;
                    Sold I to the merchant ships,
                    Minutes after they took I
                    From the bottomless pit.
                    But my hand was made strong
                    By the hand of the Almighty.
                    We forward in this generation
                    Won’t you help to sing
                    These songs of freedom?
                    ‘Cause all I ever have:
                    Redemption songs,
                    Redemption songs                   
                    Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
                    None but ourselves can free our minds.
                    Have no fear for atomic energy,
                    ‘Cause none of them can stop the time.
                    How long shall they kill our Prophets,
                    While we stand aside and look? Ooh!
                    Some say it’s just a part of it:
                    We’ve got to fulfill the Book.
                    Won’t you help to sing
                    These songs of freedom?
                   ‘Cause all I ever have:
                    Redemption songs,
                    Redemption songs.”
                             – Bob Marley
                                   Redemption song










[1] – Robert Alden


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