Chapter 64

the awakened man

      The awakened man walks into the world. And he sees so much beauty.  He knows that all those beings, created by G-d, whose hearts are all like his, are just so beautiful. So full of love, and the wonder and awe of it all. 

      The awakened man walked into the holy meeting. He stood on holy ground. Made so by the presence of G-d. He looked up, and his Creator touched him in his heart and upon his fullness of being. And the tears fell. He was made as the witness, the receiver of all that ever was and more. And it was all at once. And the tears fell. For he knew it was the touch of love.

      So much was given to him, that he felt unworthy. But he knew that G-d was making him worthy. The grace of that moment would endure forever, as long as G-d granted that man his life, in any realm.

      The awakened man looks clearly at this gift. And to say that he is thankful to G-d, does not grasp the breadth of it. He is forever changed. Transformed by touch. And as the sleeping masses walk, he watches them. Knowing. Often holding back the tears lest he not be able to live among them, for they see he walks in tears from an emotion that is beyond control.

      The awakened man has been given more than the secrets of the universe. For the Universe has loved him personally and he has loved it back. And that great love, in its purity and beauty has crossed the bounds. And in this perfect complete moment, time has surely stopped. For he thinks, feels, experiences, and knows, that there can be no greater thing. Never, except that it be more of this. 

      The awakened man wants ever more of this. Once in love as this, forever more. And his spirit flies within him. And joy is his. He wants those other children of his brothers and sisters, to only feel, see, experience, and know the same. So, with no hiddenness, he gasps out loud and pleads: Awaken my friends, for your Creator G-d is your friend and your love. And know that you would not even exist lest this not be true. Every day awaken to this. Keep it ever in the front of your mind, never letting awakeness depart.

      The awakened man kisses the world, and walks through it, while in many dimensions he exists. And he smiles, and sighs a sweet breath. And he does know.

      And if you will follow the methods to awaken, and keep right lessons in your being, and practice well these things, then you too shall know.

      You are waiting and you do not know it. Waiting to hear the very impossible. That which long ago you forgot. Long ago you buried. What you fear. The truth of reality. The truth of the universe. The truth of your self. You have forgotten. Long ago you accepted the illusions of man. That you are living so normally, human. What is it, how you spend your short moment, of the gift of life? Forever, you do not imagine much any more. The reason, the plan. The truth of it all.

      Because you could not grasp it, you quit trying. Because you reached out as a child but received no answer. Because the whole of the world has done the same? Would, that they all threw away, the moment of understanding, would you?

      If touched on your head direct, the truth confronts you, what then? This is the fear of which I speak. The awesome truth, so immense, upon it confronting you, where now could you hide. 

      The awakened man cannot accept this veil which covers the truth. He cannot call it the truth. It is a lie. He will fully and directly to your face throw down the challenge. “Choose this lie no more, and let us talk about the truth.”

      There is the balanced ability to see things as you wish. If you want to believe something a certain way, then you may. If you want to say, it is that way, you may. The ability to manipulate this so balanced of things on a scale, even though it is tons of weight on either side, takes but your fingertip to any side, to tip the scale. You in life choose, and make, your own reality.            

       You have cried out in the land for G-d. You have poured out your cries. And G-d has seen each tear, and felt each pain. In freedom G-d has given it to each of us to live as we choose. Free will to create or destroy.

       So then, let us leave the realm of this. What then, exists separate from subjectivity? What then, exists even if we leave this small bit of planet and venture off into the vastness of the universe, which we now have established some small perspective of, to know at least of its vastness.

      Brief is your sweet flash of time here. Long is forever. Life’s song, like the flight of the birds on winter’s pond. Echoing the life that was. Alive this moment. The awakened man will treasure each moment in awareness. Grateful for consciousness, breath.

      Once the moment is past, he knows well now. That he shall feel his last breath, as the goodbye to the most of wonderful. For how does one let go of that of everything. If it not be struck from him, it would not prevail.

      In the best of moments, it is tradition to break glass, for off in the distance, maybe not so far, is the breaking of it all.











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