Chapter 49

“Direct Experience” – the ‘Heart’ of the matter


      Each of us is connected to G-d somewhere in our souls. We can search, to approach and find, that connecting place inside ourselves. Also outwardly, and all around us. The lessons are of immeasurable value, yet more so, each of you may venture into direct communication, from finding that connecting place, inside yourselves, to have your own direct experience of and with G-d.

      This then is the ‘heart’ of the matter. This is what feeds us emotionally and insightfully, to then study, do and practice the work, our lessons, and live Rightfully. Jesus said, “The kingdom of G-d is within you. And all around you.” This was not so you would feel comforted and learn of religion. This was so you would find G-d directly. It was meant as instruction, for each of us, so that we could ‘personally find our own direct experience’.

      This point is so very small, and so easily missed by mankind, yet so simple. How many listened to Jesus, then actually went to search and find – the kingdom of G-d within them, and all around them. Not as a religion but, as a direct experience with G-d. 

      Truly, the act of getting up in the morning and breathing is a direct experience, and participating in G-d. For there is no way to be completely outside of Him and still exist. For you cannot yet create your own universe, and self-existence.

      This means G-d can be found everywhere. With direct experience we are looking to deepen, expand, connect, and communicate.

      So to practice, one easy method can be to sit for a while from time to time, …staring off up to the heavens, …gazing at it, …absorbing it, …taking it all in, …and spending some quiet time with G-d, so to better come to Know Him.

      Another method might be through inner exploring, inside our own soul, finding the residing place where ‘we-and-G-d, are One’, thus spending time with our Creator, and making the connection. The ‘Interior Castle’[1] provides one [of the many] historically exampled processes for this. One can walk around always in connection and communication ongoingly. Having practiced any methods, and achieved sharing some closer times, it then translates to better communication, and more easily brings that closeness into daily walking around life.

      There are many religious books filling the shelves of countless libraries, bookstores, and homes. They are to be sure great books. Yet a book is a book. Direct experience is something else. Understand; it is not the reading of this chapter that holds meaning. It is the experience.            

      This then is the chapter of Direct experience. The expansion of our ‘being’ is here approached not unlike meditating. Accomplished through the exercise of practice and time.           

      The suggestion is, to go to a private and beautiful, majestic place. A place special to you. Possibly a vast body of water like an ocean or lake. A beautiful mountain, a gorgeous field, a place where you can gaze upon the heavens. At night it will be empty, the night brings a unique feeling of privacy, where you will not be disturbed, and it will be beautiful.

      Make sure of course it is somewhere safe. So then, when you wish, [set downthis book] and travel to the most heavenly place, which you can find. Surely there is a special place for each of you.                                                           


      Get comfortable and …begin to gaze upon heaven.  …feeling a part of it.  …look out over the waves rolling into the shore.   …gaze upon the majestic mountain tops.  …spread your being over the forever grassy plains.  ..See G-d’s life everywhere you look penetrating and sustaining everything.  …See G-d Alive in the universe. …Feel the wind, on your face, it is G-d’s sweet breath, which you know and love so well.  …The slow pace, of the clouds, moving across the sky, is G-d’s pace of force, moving applied to, and in creation.  ..A small lightning flash in the distance messages out to you, saying hello back.  …Many signs.  …Sit in peace, sit in quiet.  …Try to take in all that you see, feel, and sense.  …The heavens, G-d’s beautiful waters, His breath of breeze blowing on you.  …You are One.  …See the life in the water.   …See the perfection of the full moon’s beams sparkling on the water, and in the water.  …See the perfection of the universe.

            If you sit, and go quiet. And just absorb, and listen, you may, get your answer. (All is only preparation, all is in the next three sentences, for in them are the experience.)                        


You will feel a tremendous hush come around you.
The air will thicken.
You will feel a presence.


      The flashes of light in the sky are for you. Receive your guidance and love. Carry this beauty with you throughout your days. If you ask in beauty and love, your answerS will come. You will know it, you will feel it. See G-d behind, and in, everything. Sit in quiet. And let G-d speak to you, from without and from within. Stand on the edge of the universe. And the universe rushes to meet you. There is no atom that is not held together by G-d. He is in every atom and every thing. Every thing is alive, with Him.


                        This is the heart of the matter









                [1] Interior Castle, Saint Teresa of Avila, Patron Saint of Spain.


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