Chapter 112

G-d’s own Mind


      To try to understand the thoughts of G-d we often stumble.

      Inconceivable, I always thought.

      Yet the blueberry shows us how.

      The essence of the perfect blueberry, before any was first created, was first thought of in G-d’s own Mind.

      And so it must be true of trees, fruits, people, children, the aged, birth, death, earth, space, blue sky, salty green ocean, life, golden sunlight, heaven, breathing, Universe, and everything that we see.

      This shows us G-d’s thoughts.

      And He seems to be Living them.








      There is always more.

      We find, when we are stepping the great paths of G-d’s will, keeping pace, that we come upon ‘the bubbling brook of Living current’ which feeds us along the way.

      And so it came to pass that a certain man, while tracing out his steps in-time with G-d, learning, practicing, and living inside G-d’s messages, thought-that he had left behind him, in his path, the lesson of ‘our essence’, as was exampled by ~ the perfect blueberry.

      That he had described its messages and lessons, for himself, and for those who might seek to; search out, find, and better come to know, their own true “soul’s essence” from exploring its lessons.

      And so the man moved forward, along his path, walking with G-d, and tracing out the many embankments of this, his new day’s horizon of lessons. And he was feeling particularly embodied with these feelings, and the presence of G-d, in his this-moment’s travel.

      And so he came upon – a basket of blueberries.

      He opened the basket, and sat down in a beautiful vast place, looking out across the breadth of the ocean, and the great expanse of sky. He had by his side, his today’s lessons, and was there to partake of them.

      At this he noticed what looked like an entire light powdery-blue frosted, basket full of, what looked like ‘perfect blueberries all’, in entirety. A basket of the complete perfect essence found and as described, which he had experienced, in-sighted, and had transcribed out, not too many days ago.

      Our certain man is quite used to, living in a realm where he is experiencing the Living currents of G-d, and so to him the ‘synchronistic’ is expected, anticipated, and appreciated. And he is sensitive to, inspiration and insight nuances, perceived inside the inner currents of life. He perceives G-d Alive and inside of everything, including the events and things around him.

      And so he ate up bunches and bunches of ‘perfect blueberries-essences all’. Even one such blueberry, causing him so much delight, that he was heard to broadly belly-laugh out loud.

      He all the time was thinking: The material ‘Alive with G-d’ woven structure of the universe, and the lessons taught him, which he has come to learn and practice; is that G-d multiplies and magnifies the right actions, thoughts, feelings, and right-provisions, which we correctly use inside this technology.

      And so this man, having gone to the storehouse of G-d, and described ‘a perfect essenced blueberry’, and derived higher wisdoms and right lessons from within it, then having passed these insights along to his fellows, has tapped into the technology, and so G-d then in Living current, has touched the man, and gifted him a magnified basket of ‘these perfect blueberries’.

      And so the grateful man, feeling right as rain in the world and inside of G-d, like any good soul who has received a gift, says, “Thank You!” “They are delicious in EVERY way.” And in the end, had you been there, you would have seen a grown man cry ~ from eating G-d’s blueberries.










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  1. Sheila Anderson June 28, 2013 at 8:35 am #

    Those frosted ones are the best! I have had many God moments while eating blueberries! Picking them is a religious experience! I giggle a lot in between handfuls of heaven! In my dreams I have big bowls of blueberries for breakfast every day and for dessert I have some with cream and sugar!

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