Chapter 111

the parable of the perfect blueberry;


      A man had eaten quite a few blueberries in his lifetime. Then he encountered ‘a perfect blueberry’.

      This blueberry was a slightly lighter, powder blue color. It had a shimmering frost about it.

      And it was pleasingly plump.

      Upon eating it, it exploded with sweet blueberry taste Essence.

      The original essence of blueberry, as was found in the great storehouse of G-d’s original creation, of the original blueberry thought in G-d’s own Mind

      It captured the entire song, heart, and essence ~ of everything blueberry.

      It was pure and unblemished.

      Cultivate of yourself, and make of yourself ~ G-d’s perfect blueberry!

      Find your essence, as was intended in the original thought of your creation in G-d’s Mind, and feel and be it.









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