Chapter 7



There has always been a need to ‘awaken’ our selves.


And so;

This is the lesson of let’s ‘wake up’.

We and all souls have come from the spiritual realm, our home and origin.

We will return there upon the completion of our life’s moments.

We will now proceed to ‘wake’ up’. 

What we do with it thereafter will be our own choice.



“G-d is Alive and at the Helm.”

I myself have been ‘awakened’ by someone who G-d had sent to me, in my day, to do the business to ‘wake me’, which I now gratefully pass on to you.

So he said to G-d; “I feel like I can wake up the whole world.” And G-d Said, “ok go ahead”. 

So he (who was awake) said;



“Sit in your chair and say now to yourself,     ‘i am me’,       ‘i am here now’,       ‘I am sitting here on earth’,      ‘i am aware that i am reading this right now’,        ‘I am looking out of my own eyes’,        ‘i am conscious of myself at this moment’,        ‘i am awake’.”


That’s it. At this moment the  ~ ‘lights are on’,   so to speak. As it has been Said.

Now, the trick is not to be awake, ‘as you now are’, but instead to continue on staying awake.







“And they heard a voice from the heavens, saying, “Thou hast preached to them that sleep.” And a response was heard from the cross, “Yea.””

                             ~ The Lost Gospel According To Peter           









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