Chapter 8

the Bow

[I, Marc Steven Mazis am this certain man in this chapter, these events are told exactly as they occurred, this happened to me, (at college while attending FSU in Tallahassee in 1980), and they are here written by my own hand.]


      We in our present understanding grasp’ at the thoughts of G-d controlling the universe and the Grand picture. The stars, the planets, the souls, the Over-picture, meaning; we often see G-d as a Lofty Giant Being which is apart from us and creation Sitting on some metaphorical Throne and Running creation. Apart – is the key word.

      Now; what is less easy for us to imagine; is His Active roll in the complete detail of the miniscuility of our lives, this we are somewhat unsure of. Meaning; we, see our free choice and think; ‘ok, He is Loftily Watching, while we man, kind, go about our busyness’s.’

      Yet, just like you have been told, that something very unique and strange is happening here, and to-begin to open your self up, for the miraculous expression of G-d, into you, and into your life, and lives, so too this – came upon a certain man [Marc].


And so;

      …I was relaxing, lying back on my bench, on the back deck of my townhouse, in the wooded area where I lived, just doing nothing, staring off up watching the clouds move peacefully and harmoniously across the blue sky.

      When then, I saw a black something moving across the sky. It was shaped like a bow tie that men wear with a tuxedo. I sat up and stared at this thing traveling slowly across the sky. “What the bleep is that?” I thought.

      I stood up and looked. It had the same type of consistency as, almost as if a film or transparency was being projected there. Like it was real, but was not physical. I watched until it disappeared, moving behind a cloud, then gone. I was dumbfounded.

      I walked inside and turned on the television, to see if there was any report of it, and heard them report of a weather balloon sighting some 200 miles distance away and previously spotted many hours before. I pondered and thought, no they weren’t talking about this, and it wasn’t a balloon. And shaped like a bow tie, a UFO maybe? And so I was trying to understand what this might have been, but I was still dumbfounded.

      Then I walked further into the room and noticed in my bookshelf, the Torah, the Jewish Bible or Old Testament (the Five Books of Moses), tilted out and leaning over forward a few inches, almost just on the verge of falling, where as this is unusual because due to my compulsive behavior I keep all my books compulsively straight, and all the other books were perfectly in line, row after perfect row. I took it out, opened it to an arbitrary page, and began to read. Here is what I at-that-moment read.


      “G-d further said, “This is the sign that I set for the covenant between Me and you, and every living creature with you, for all ages to come. I have set My bow in the clouds, and it shall serve as a sign of the covenant between Me and the earth. When I bring clouds over the earth, and the bow appears in the clouds, I will remember my covenant between Me and you and every living creature among all flesh, so that the waters shall never again become a flood to destroy all flesh. When the bow is in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between G-d and all living creatures, all flesh that is on earth.” [1]

      That,”  G-d said to Noah, “shall be the sign of the covenant that I have established between Me and all flesh that is on earth.”


      The hair stood up on my neck… And I felt the Stir of Contact. And I cried profusely.

      Later I, over time, searched in many other printed Torahs, for this section. I was amazed to find that almost all; of the translations found; all over the earth, use the word ‘rainbow’, not “bow”. But not in this one. [1] This particular volume of The Torah Old Testament translation print reads bow.

      And so I had a moment of some Contact or proof. For; as hard as my feeble brain ran the mathematics of this event moment, over and over, and tried to explain or reconcile this occurrence – I could not. It took me a week of, running every explanation I could attempt to hammer into the event, and just was landed flatly time and time again into the Face of it. There was just no escaping this one.

      And ‘it is not that G-d in His Glory Sits upon the great Throne of the Eternal Abode in His Majesty that we have trouble understanding’; what we have trouble grasping is that He is actually right here With us. Meaning; that ‘He is involved in the minutest of details ongoingly, controlling everything, of each of our lives,

      even unto the opening of a bo,ok to the page that He controls.

      He Places the Giant Miracle in the Sky. And HE Controls the turning of the minutest pages of the book. And apparently, He Controls man’s fingers to the turning of those minutest of His Desired pages.

      He not only Hangs the miracle of Sign’ in the sky, but He brings it down to earth in hard print, and attunesthe moving miracle into theminute print, and the thumb, of the book’s page.

      I think, ‘how does He do that. How, does He do that? Then I think, it doesn’t matter – the point is ‘that He Controls the smallest details of Everything’.

      Trying to vainly imagine, how G-d is doing this, I think, ‘even the stopping of time, the time in between time, such that the turning of the pages, goes so slow, that finding the Right page, is like us just taking our time to do the same in metaphor’. ‘Funny, I am not trying to figure out how the bow of miracle was Hung in the sky. The Sign’ of Message. Yet instead, me puny man; drolls over …how did HE get the book to that page.’

      So we see, that man can sometimes understand the big miracles. Just not the smallest of them. The each breath miracle. The Control of each page. The control of each moment of minutest ~ life’s goings.

      I have felt this quality, of G-d in Everything, and experienced it in feeling it inside of myself. And learned from that day forward to look for and to expect miracles.

      For it is no less than G-d Moving in the world.

      This sign and covenant was for all mankind to possess. Not just me. As it was stated ~ this sign and covenant, is for everyone-meaning you.

      It might mean missing out on something Big, to think to limit G-d’s Expressions in our lives, we were told to look for sign’s, synchronicities, ‘tuning in’, and here we again advise not to limit these in our thoughts; look to see the Extraordinary, for; we can expect something to happen, one day, soon for you yourself.

      So go outside and gaze up at the Heavens. And look for and well, as you set upon the rest of your goings. In books, in events, in G-d Knows where.

      Remember – it is in the miniscule. That we see the pervasiveness of G-d’s Interwovenness. Seek and ye shall find.







      Throughout history we have heard of G-d Reaching out and communicating through signs’ and various methods, to men. Moses in a burning bush. Noah, in a bow in the clouds. Jesus with the light of G-d’s spirit like a dove upon him.

      And they are so recorded.

      Is modern present day man exempt? Are these miracles of signs’ only to be discussed ‘of the olden days?’

      Is G-d not able, to do the same today?

      Or do we measure the men and women of today to be of a different ability to receive these signs?

      This event occurred as transmitted. Yet G-d did not tell me to put these in any book, nor banter these around. Nor not to. Apparently this was left up to me to try to figure out what G-d might want.

      I am left trying to decide what to do with each decision, in the searching of my heart and searchings of G-d’s Will.

      I think, ‘what if in a generation G-d picks a few spots to communicate with some numbers of men or women, and those men do nothing, or choose to take easier paths for their own ‘so it can go well with them, with men’, way.’ If such a man thinks on this, he knows that he must always choose G-d’s way, and walk alone with G-d if need be, whenever and if mankind does not agree.

      And so, willingly, gratefully, and lovingly; that it happened; that I can walk in this truthfully, acceptingly; and share it with others; approaches ‘me’.


      And the epilogue, continuing;

      And we know, many others of hundreds, and thousands, G-d only Knows the numbers, of everyday people, whom G-d has signed, messaged, miracled. Maybe it is, us all. At some point in our lives, receiving sign’s messages guidances helps along – at key moments. Maybe we get them everyday in our insights and, our inner conscience voice.

      So, it is ok to believe in signs – but more than that – that they can happen to you!

      Accept them lovingly when they do.

      If we open up, and are aware, they can change the course of our lives, show us the path, and give us comfort as we navigate through life.

      Let’s not practice selective inattention, nor preconceive of G-d’s Actions as being limited to solely our ideas.

      You are being suggested to be expecting something, and looking for it.

      We will tryst that Up to G-d. While boldly asking here for a large number of signs. Knowing, that He is already busy at work providing them before we asked. For He was surely busy Gathering you unto HimSelf, before any request.

      Be bold at reaching for G-d, be bold at helping your brothers and sisters, and be bold at helping yourself.







[After this event and during the period of two-years immediately following the bow encounter, I had other encounters. Some involve God. One involves Jesus. I began encountering God ~ in other forms – at times which He chose. These are describing actual events. These are not metaphorical. They are recorded in this book.]







      “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein


                           “Oh so long for this night I prayed 
                           That a star would guide you my way 
                           To share with me this special day 
                           Where a ribbon’s in the sky for our love 
                           If allowed may I touch your hand 
                           And if pleased may I once again 
                           So that you too, will understand 
                           There’s a ribbon in the sky for our love 
                           This is not a coincidence 
                           And far more than a lucky chance 
                           But what is, that was always meant 
                           Is our ribbon in the sky for our love, 
                           We can’t lose with God on our side 
                           We’ll find strength in each tear we cry 
                           From now on, it will be you and I 
                           And our ribbon in the sky 
                           Ribbon in the sky 
                           A ribbon in the sky for our love.”
                                   – Stevie Wonder 
                                       Ribbon In The Sky


[This is similar to what it looked like]










[1] The Torah, The Five Books of Moses, The Jewish Publication Society of America, copyright 1962, 1967, library of congress Catlg. Card # 62-12948, pg 16, Genesis 9.8 – 9.17 (This section refers, in most other Torah translations, to a rainbow. But in this unique Torah – it says ‘Bow’.)


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