I’ve kept silent for thirty years about the experiences which I will now unfold. I am terrified-personally, that everyone will just think I am crazy and that this will change my until now reclusive life. To me this has been only a great love. The greatest love of my life. Yet it has been so far, kept private, with very few exceptions.


I had a series of Contact from God events. I have attempted to pass this on here in this work.


I spent many years studying the lessons which sprang from these experiences. And so the Book of Lessons are; the experiences, the lessons, the feelings, the color the texture and all that I could capture with my heart, soul, and being, to pass on.[1]


I have no credentials whatsoever.


The Divine Encounters stand on their own.


The lessons stand on their own.


The poetry stands on its own.


Yet interwoven together ~ they Form a grand tapestry and make music.



And so we begin;



I had embarked upon what I thought was the normal road of life. Like many others, as I grew, I reached out to G-d [2] for contact, and questioned the universe for answers again and again. I finally lulled myself into acquiescing in complacency and just gave up on getting those answers.


Which then brought me to a place, where I was Approached, and given an experience of; Contact’, and of lessons, this being that which I have attempted to set down in this book of – being awakened’.


So you will come in contact-here, with chapters which are made up of lessons’ – as well as, those which exactly-recount these wonderful indefinable experiences’.


…As this all was happening to me, it was both wonderful and confusing. Understanding the communication which was occurring, was difficult for me. I am used to human-communication. Meaning; we lay it out there in speech, and just say ‘what’ we want. I wanted to just know everything. ‘Everything’. Especially the reason, and reasons ‘why’.


Yet; although most of the questions that I asked got answered. They just weren’t the answers that one might expect.


I expected G-d to just tell me ‘why’ He [3] contacted me, ‘what’ exactly I was supposed to do. ‘What’ He was telling mankind. I mean; you know a, b, c.


But not so much. It was like I was aware that I was ‘limited by my own ability’ and that He was Helping me, like school, to learn to-do ‘those’ things. Like; a) work well with others b) be kind to my classmates c) share my things.


Strange, I guess I was expecting deeper things like; ‘feed mankind’, or G-d Knows what.


There were times He expected the very-best from me; this was a level requested from me that I would have never imagined nor dreamed of even trying; looking-back I see this began to Teach me what I am capable of; and, what a man or woman is capable of with’ G-d.


I sometimes felt kind-of dense, because it all seemed like a jigsaw puzzle to me. And apparently one which I would have to ‘put together’. Here I was getting the type of communication that one would think would clear up every misunderstanding under the sun.


Yet; ‘I just had more questions’.


There was no ‘here you go moment’ of point blank ‘one page here you go mankind do this’.


Yet; I had to always, step back. Not squeezing what I wanted out of it, but instead, trying so-o hard just to let G-d have His way, and me go silent and take it in, whatever He wanted to share, ~ however ~, just let Him fill me, and direct me, in whatever lessons and information He wanted to, trusting Him, and His whatever purpose. Period.


And in things like this; I learned lessons. Like ‘kicking back, not chasing nor preconceiving what to expect, but instead, learning to open up, for whatever He has in-store for me, that day, that moment. Just being an empty vessel to fill.’


I am thinking maybe you could have done better with it all than me. Meaning; my being like everyone else us all being equal; and anyone is capable of using G-d’s tools to do great things. Saying: All these things I have done you can do, and greater things.


So, it all came at me, like an inundation-of communication. Just like life does. And I saw that, all-the secrets and information of the universe, was poured right through me, at least for a flash, and – I couldn’t ‘grab it’.


I remember it, yet; I was too small to grab it all and explain it any better than: — ‘To bring you the entire experience, as best as I can lay it all before you’.


There will be bits of blue and gold.


And in the end, after the whole of it; you will likely step back and then see a grand tapestry.


And it is in the grand tapestry where I began to ‘get the picture’.


Yet like all love, it isn’t in the stepping back afterwards that we find the experience. There lies only the historical understanding and ‘what we learned’. It is in those precious moments, when we shared, lived, and embraced in love ~ that we have our glorious days in the sun, that we treasure forever.


Certainly looking at our planet. I can see why those basic lessons are so important.


Meaning; ‘get along with your classmates’ is obviously something we all missed.


And so I will here to the best of my ability, now lay out the experience of the Messages From G-d which sparked… The Book of Lessons; how they changed my life, and how ‘all of this’ can help you to transform ‘your life.


Presented as it happened.


Waking me up’, and living the experience, in which my life was changed with these gifts, is the ongoing high-point of my life. It is a highest value gift and treasure. This is the gift, which I am hoping to pass on, inside of these pages. This book is a compilation of my personal “experience” of the lessons, which I have encountered, which now comprises the spiritual workbook, which this book is intended to be.


All of which are found-springing from these described Divine-interwoven underlying promoting experiences.


The journey through the lessons’, and its basic training, is what I hope will be of importance and value to you.


They give us the tools to help us unfold’ our higherself and soul in the world; helping us grow, and transform back to our original almost child-like nature, as-created. I have attempted to wrap-my-arms around the experience, recording the actual events as they occurred; which help us break the shackles of imperceptibility and “turn on the lights” for us. As it had been Said.


It was written, being-mindful to keep short easy to read harmonious chapters. So, in keeping pace ~ with the original tradition, each chapter was read out loud so as not to become longwinded.


Once I discovered that there was a deeper reality than solely the dimension which we see and feel; and that this-underlying dimension interacts, is Watching and involved with us; this changed my perception of everything and overturned my view of reality. Awakening a new vision. The journey that this book takes us on, and the methods offered helping us to experience these dimensions and ‘tune in”’ to the Living Universe Being-God, is the great loving gift which I was given and have set down as tiny sea shells of wisdom on the beach at your feet for you to pick up any that may feel right.


Of course there is plenty here on earth for all. The great secret is, this transformation can only begin with each of us. It’s for each of us to form-ourselves by our own choice and will. Each of us individually, then woven together, make up the world and its reality. Know also that one man or woman, who is with G-d, can change the entire universe.



These lessons are answered prayers.

“Help as many people as you can.”










[1] When this occurred initially, I was so overwhelmed, that I took myself in to be checked by a psychiatrist saying, “Either I am having Contact with G-d, or I am crazy, please check me out.” Which they did for three days, of inkblots, their questions regarding voices and seeing things, and et cetera. They told me that they could find no signs of anything wrong, that I was normal.


[2] The usage of the word G-d – verses God, is meant as generally-respectful, and a tradition not to write out the word God on paper because it could then get, discarded, trashed, spilled on, thrown away, mistreated. Once it is written-out, it is a tradition when its life is through, to have to actually bury that piece of paper or book. The synagogues actually bury old books. Respectfully. Now that was just a tradition, and feeling of respect that kind of rubbed off on me. When however I come out and say the word God. It is usually meant as a Higher use and meaning – it is usually not used ‘describing G-d’, but instead saying, God actually showed up, messaged, Signed, generally it was to denote a special stronger more-present occurrence, event, or encounter. There are ‘levels’ of spiritual layers and dimensions, interwoven in this work, in the events, and the all of it ~


[3] You will find words used to describe God. To me it is understood that God is God, Divine, She, He-She, Lord, the-All, all the same, further in the book you will trip over a bunch of She, Her, He-She, The Living-Universe, and every other form of phrase to have a word, words, to describe that thought. My word for God may not be the same as yours, just replace in your word for God wherever that applies.


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