After a 30-year career as an editor and marketing executive at The New York Times, and as a lifelong spiritual seeker, I am delighted to introduce you to a truly remarkable new book, The Book of Lessons, and its author, Marc Mazis. Drawing on a wide range of sources gleaned from 4,000 years of mankind’s search for spiritual meaning, inner harmony and right-living, The Book of Lessons will carry the imaginations of readers of every spiritual and religious background into the next stage in the evolution of self-awareness, and today’s global awakening to the potential for a new harmony with The Creator and the Cosmos.

Like the Neale Donald Walsh’s Conversations with God series that has entranced and motivated millions of readers worldwide, The Book of Lessons fulfills the author’s singular purpose of helping people everywhere, by passing along to its readers a rare gift: The lessons of living inside an, alive, direct, interactive relationship with God, and His and our living universe.

The Book of Lessons strives to enable readers to achieve truly self-transformative growth through the author’s process of experiential vision, understanding, communication and transformation, and thus gives readers the means, insight, and roadmap to practice and achieve their own peak spiritual experiences and self-transformation in a state of enjoinment and partnership with God. The author accomplishes this by combining simple lessons for living, meditative practices, poetry, parable and first-person autobiographical experience in a “can’t put it down” read, that is composed in an absolutely new, unique and entrancing literary style, form and structure.

The author brings to his writing the best of what he has learned and experienced as an inveterate reader and seeker who blossoms on the road of G-d’s interactive teachings. The lessons that he has learned, his approach to life and well-being, his abiding love of friends and family, and his personal stories ranging from spiritual ascent, to recovery from devastating financial loss are certain to be an attraction and a help to millions of men and women today, especially those who are having to rethink the pursuit of material and spiritual health, wealth and happiness amidst today’s ongoing and growing economic insecurities, in addition to a remarkably sincere love of man and God alike that shines through in every page of this book.

–Yaakov Ort

Written on December 30th, 2011

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