This chapter and the event which it sprang from are not just for me. Meaning; I am sure that G-d will back up His intentions for us and; there will be His similar miraculous expression occurring in each of your lives. You may doubt my experience ~ but not your own. You will come upon your own moment(s) and you will stop, and you will notice it as synchronistic – as meant for you. You will feel something internal say to you that G-d is moving and that that-thing is meant for you.

As you proceed through this work – this shall be your` experience. It will come throughout your day – throughout your coming and goings. It will be integrated in your living moments. Look for it. This work suggests that you can open to a new experience. You were meant to read this. Your own readiness brought this about. I do not care so much what you may think of me. I care that you find your miraculous-life, of moment to moment miraculous life.

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