My speech at the messenger summit in San Diego went really well. I was very surprised because I have never spoken publicly in my life. And more so; I have not ever spoken publicaly about these events of 30-years ago, (except one time from a small circle of chairs at the writers conference below). When I get the video link, of my speech at the summit from them, I’ll upload it for any who may want to see it. My favorite part was the 40 hugs I got after. I was crying some..

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My hope is that through reading my experiences you too will experience transformation, and begin to recognize synchronicity in the signs and messages you receive every day – and that for you too, this will mark the beginning of your great Dance and exchange of love with G-d in a loving relationship. And that your connection with that love and power will light your path as you proceed, and the transformation will bring you unspeakable joy.

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If you want to climb the ladder of your own personal self-transformation, unfolding your higherself, and expressing your very soul in the world – then you can read ‘and then practice’; as an in depth study course, all of the lessons-handed down from G-d to-us and from G-d’s shining adept ones since the dawn of time! But I will tell you that-this is going to require work, effort, practice ~ and all of your heart and soul to do so. And I will add; that the rewards are worth ten-thousand lifetimes.


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I look forward to interacting with you, so please reach out and let me know your thoughts, feelings, and ~ your own experiences. You can reach me here by-comment, or by contact on the contact-page, or on our group-facebook page link, or via email, or by commenting on the videos. Thanks love Marc!


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I had an event of contact. Contact from God. This being the Bow chapter which I wrote and videoed. After this event I was handed a rare an ancient handwritten manuscript to read, and eventually hand copied one out for myself which took over a year. This all began my training and ~ experience with God, and marked my personal road of transformation to higher ways ~ and back to the nature of my soul. Along the way there were additional encounters, one physical-event of an arm coming down from the sky and touching me, and other events in varied forms. These events and the lessons which sprang from this all is what I have tried to pour out from my heart of ~ The Book of Lessons. It chronicles the journey which I took; and I leave standing the ladder which I climbed.

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This chapter and the event which it sprang from are not just for me. Meaning; I am sure that G-d will back up His intentions for us and; there will be His similar miraculous expression occurring in each of your lives. You may doubt my experience ~ but not your own. You will come upon your own moment(s) and you will stop, and you will notice it as synchronistic – as meant for you. You will feel something internal say to you that G-d is moving and that that-thing is meant for you.

As you proceed through this work – this shall be your` experience. It will come throughout your day – throughout your coming and goings. It will be integrated in your living moments. Look for it. This work suggests that you can open to a new experience. You were meant to read this. Your own readiness brought this about. I do not care so much what you may think of me. I care that you find your miraculous-life, of moment to moment miraculous life.

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A lifetime friend called me, upon his seeing the bow video. He, like many including myself know that biblical passage as ‘rainbow’ not bow. I myself have read countless bibles translate-that story as rainbow, very true. Yet – I did not see a rainbow. And

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I made a video of myself first person telling ‘the bow encounter’. This was the pivotal event which changed my life. I had kept this private for almost 30 years with very few exceptions. Now it is on youtube for any who may wish to see.

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Sept/2011…went to a big writers publisher’s conference in Arizona. Met the CEO’s of some big publishing houses. And stood up when it was my turn, and told about my book. This was the first time that I have ever publicly come forward with the account of what happened to me. I was terrified. But it went very well. I got allot of positive response. And I felt wonderful afterwards.
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My journey began with Contact from God. To me it was and is the most wonderful thing anyone could ever experience. I am attempting to pass the experience on to everyone.
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